Hi again...glad you are here. As I mentioned earlier, I am the owner and creator of JC Designs. Here's a bit more about how I got started.  

My love for greeting cards began at an early age and I loved not only receiving but giving cards to family and friends. But, it was when I was 13 years old that I developed the deeper understanding of how powerful it is to give and receive a greeting card. My grandmother came to visit for my 13th birthday. When she and my grandfather headed home I wrote her a note in a thank you card telling her how much I loved her. She unfortunately passed away suddenly before she received the card. When my family arrived to my grandparent's home, my grandfather greeting me in tears and embraced me in a long hug. He just kept repeating, "the card, the card" as he wept. My grandfather received and read the card that day just before I arrived. It was emotional but a card and moment that we will cherish forever. It was at this moment that I realized the power of a Greeting Card and I began dreaming of one day having my own greeting card line and in 2019, I made my dream a reality by starting my photo greeting card business - JC Designs. 

During the process of naming my business, I kept going back to JC. My husband and I share the same initials - JC - but there was just something more that was drawing me to the name. A few years later, my mother gave me my late grandfather's cufflinks with the initial JC on them. My grandfather passed on many of his passions to me. We shared an incredible bond and his presence was right there with me and it was destiny to subconsciously name my business after him - JC Designs. 

I created Oz's first greeting card in 2022 as a way to help raise funds for our friends in Ukraine. Due to the popularity of that card, I decided to continue creating designs featuring Oz. All our products feature one of my original designs - photographs or artwork and as with everything, change is inevitable. Our business model has evolved to bringing our unique blend of photography and heartfelt designs to target pet lovers everywhere.

The best part is now Oz and Rocky are my partners in crime at JC Designs. Whether designing, producing, packaging, or sitting around creatively thinking - we do it together with a smile and a paw!! We are dedicated to spreading kindness and bringing people together through the power of a greeting card and gift of giving.