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Oh Poop... Poo Waste Bag Holder

Oh Poop... Poo Waste Bag Holder

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Looking for a hands-free solution for dog walking? Look no further...introducing the Poo Waste Bag Holder. This clever accessory securely holds your dog's waste bags, allowing you to focus on enjoying your walk and keeping your hands free.

Crafted from 1/4 inch Basswood and silly poop emoji engraving on one side with funny saying on other side, the Poop Loop is a durable and practical accessory. Attach to your leash with a colorful and secure carabiner clip. Then slide the used bag through the split in the bone and enjoy a hands-free walk.

No more awkwardly juggling waste bags while enjoying a walk with your dog.



Oh Poo with Blue Carabiner
Oh Poo with Pink Carabiner
Oh Poo with Purple Carabiner

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